• Ticket to dolphin area
  • All kayaking equipment
  • English speaking guide
  • Light breakfast 
  • Safety briefing
  • Large bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • Dry-bags
  • Life jackets
  • Small Wooden Dolphin Souvenir


We run our Half Day Dolphin trip each morning at 7:30am… returning at around 12:30pm. Each trip starts with a light breakfast (homemade pumpkin bread and coffee/tea) at our cafe, where you will be given a trip & safety briefing before climbing aboard our truck for the 21km drive to the launch point.

from there you paddle across the river toward the west bank of the Mekong, before heading down stream past the many sand islands dotting the river. Your guide will lead you onto one of the islands for a break from paddling, and so that you can have a swim in the Mekong and enjoy some local snacks, while he talks to you about the dolphins, the local area and life in Cambodia.

It will then be back onto the water to continue on and paddle through the flooded forest , before crossing back across the river and enjoying the unique perspective of seeing the rare and endangered Irrawaddy dolphins from your kayaking.

Our Half Day Dolphin trip offers a great opportunity that few travelers have had, to not only see the dolphins, but also to paddle through a picturesque and rarely visited section of the Mekong river.


Final Group Size:    Price per person

1:     $59

2:     $44

3:     $36

4:     $31

5:     $29

6:     $28

7:     $27